Welcome to the first alder popup!

Come see us IRL!

We've opened our first pop up storefront in Toronto at 489 Queen Street W. Try some alder on for size and jump, bend, stretch and twirl on our mini playground or snap a pic of your granola girl fit in our fitting forest.

As a Toronto-based company, we're thrilled to have our first space here in the city.

Come say hi & try on some clothes for #recreating!

Want our advice?

Book a free, one hour in person or virtual personal shopping appointment with an alder product guide.

Book a Shop!

We'll walk you through different styles and sizes to make your perfect outfit!

Or, just come find us at: 489 Queen Street W, Toronto, Ontario

alder popup store hours
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Parks & Rec Scavenger Hunt!

Get ready Toronto because we're going park trekking! To celebrate the grand opening of our first retail location, we hid over 50 gift cards in our favourite parks & green spaces across the city. Not that you needed a reason to get outside … whether you're hanging in a park or heading on a wellness walk - keep your eyes peeled because you may discover hidden treasure. 😊

The hunt begins TODAY - use this map to solve the clues and win up to $250 in alder apparel. Follow along on our social to see the adventure unfold. Gift cards can be redeemed for an exclusive experience on opening weekend (June 25-26) at 489 Queen Street W. Good luck! 🤞

Note: locations are approximate!

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Scavenger Hunt Clues:

Check back here for updated clues! We'll be crossing them off as they get found.

Clue 1: Stop and smell the flowers at this historic site. To find this clue, you won’t need a Knight. (ALL GONE)

Clue 2: Go fetch, look up, now hurry. While you’re searching, you may befriend something furry. (1 card still avail!)

Clue 3: Don’t jump in! Get out and explore the trails along the lake - we have something waiting for you to take. (4 cards still avail!)

Clue 4: Watching the Leafs under the sun, keep your eyes on the score. Stay for a game, it won’t be a bore. (ALL GONE)

Clue 5: It’s time to visit Toronto’s version of Central Park. Head to the pink blossoms, that’s where you’ll find your mark. (ALL GONE)

Clue 6: Splish-splash, try not to get wet! But if you’re lucky, you may end up in a new alder set. (ALL GONE)

Clue 7: A never-ending trail with markets, coffee, and treats - keep your eyes peeled and don’t drag your feet. (3 cards still avail!)

Clue 8: Tucked away on the edge of Toronto’s waterfront, at this enchanted location walk towards the music, this isn’t a stunt. (3 cards still avail!)

Clue 9: On today’s hot summer walk, head to the park along Harbord or Grace. Make sure to explore the park, but pick up the pace. (ALL GONE)

Clue 10: Take your afternoon stroll on Augusta Street. Search for a nearby park and don’t skip a beat. (ALL GONE)

Clue 11: “Get off at Broadway, and take in one of the best skylines in the city. At this park, there are endless things to do, but sometimes it’s best to sit down and enjoy the view.” (ALL GONE)

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