alder x Chaco Scavenger Hunt

Join alder, Chaco and REI in a park-wide scavenger hunt across the city of Seattle
to celebrate the launch of the exclusive alder x Chaco SS24 collection.

We've hidden over $2500 of gift cards in 10 Seattle Parks for you to find and redeem on the collection.
See the parks + clues below to help you find your treasure!

1. Only one gift card is redeemable per person. If you find two, please put one back for others to enjoy :)

2. When you find a gift card, DM us on Instagram (@alderapparel) to claim your prize.

3. Gift cards are valid for the SS24 season and will expire on June 1st 2024.



Clue: "In the heart of Capitol Hill, amongst the fields where people play, your next clue awaits in the light of day."

Clue: "Amidst the urban jungle's sprawl, a green oasis awaits, standing tall. Where trees provide a canopy above, your next clue hides in nature's love."

Clue: "Where waters dance in the city's embrace, a fountain stands as a symbol of grace. Amidst the spray and laughter's sound, find your next clue where joy is found."ntly asked question

Clue: "Where art meets nature's grand design, a park adorned with sculptures divine. Amongst the works of steel and stone, your next clue waits, not far from home."

Clue: "Where the sound of waves meets the city's beat, a park stretches along the water's seat. Amidst the views of mountains and sea, your next clue hides, waiting for thee."

Clue: "In a neighborhood where history's told, a park stands where stories unfold. Amongst the trees and memories past, your next clue awaits, so make it last."

Clue: "Where boats glide and seagulls soar, a park by the lake where peace restores. Amongst the docks and waters so blue, your next clue awaits, a journey anew."

Clue: "Once a route of vintage charm, now a park where memories disarm. Amidst the echoes of the trolley's bell, your next clue waits, hidden well."

Clue: "Where a tower stands amidst the green, a park of beauty, a tranquil scene. Amongst the flowers and paths so grand, your next clue hides in this wonderland."

Clue: "In a park that honors a hero's name, where views of the city are never the same. Amidst the bustle and the skyline's sprawl, your next clue awaits, heed the call."


The alder x Chaco collection features lightweight, versatile and durable pieces to take you on long hikes in Yosemite or out on the town.
Featuring bright, playful colors, alder x Chaco have crafted a lineup for all your adventures and travel essentials using
sustainable materials and available in sizes XS-6X.

REI is the exclusive retailer of the this collection.

exclusive collecition:

alder x Chaco

~always-visible, orchid
~always-visible, cherry
~always-visible, deep sea
~always-visible, rhapsody