Why we started alder apparel

Why we started alder apparel

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Let's take a walk down memory lane and go back to where it all began.

Flashback to 2019

alder was brought to life by co-founders Mikayla Wujec and Naomi Blackman. M & N met back as tiny tots in grade school in Canada, and reconnected a few years ago over the idea of alder apparel. 

Before alder, M researched the outdoors as a National Geographic explorer, while N climbed the ranks as a marketing whiz at apparel companies like Hudson's Bay and Joe Fresh.⁠

From their respective industries, they were constantly frustrated by the lack of functional, accessible, sustainable and size-inclusive apparel options for exploring the outdoors.

I really thought, what’s out there can’t be all there is. Why do I have to wear leggings? Why is everything ugly? Why are there no pockets? Why is everything low rise? Why is everything floral? - Mikayla

Imposter Syndrome

They also found they couldn't identify with the values of most outdoor brands on the market at the time. Historically, the industry had been dominated by an elitist narrative that limited who + what = outdoorsy.

After surveying hundreds of people during alder's development, they realized that the majority of others felt the same way.

Wait. All of these women love to go hiking. They love the outdoors. They get all this positive energy from being outdoors, and yet there’s something blocking them from feeling like they can call themselves outdoorsy. I could recognize that in myself, too. - Naomi

Enter: alder apparel

M & N decided that together, they could transform the industry so that outdoor recreation was focused on fun (and not performance). Their goal was to create a space that allowed for a sense of inclusivity and belonging for all.

Bottom line: everyone should feel safe and accepted while #recreating.

Almost 3 Years Later...

We've built a community of 60,000 #Recreators across our platforms who share our values and are passionate about all kinds of recreation. 

We truly feel a renewed sense of purpose in building a more welcoming outdoor industry that is safe, inclusive and accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Follow us @alderapparel to join our community!

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