our brand values

These values drive decision-making at alder.

We put these values into practice every single day as we make clothes for #recreating. Whether we are choosing a new fabric, making a new hire or designing a new product, these are our values:

Leave it better than we found it.

We have a responsibility to make things better for those who come after us. We work with environmentally friendly fabrics, ethical, transparent factories and give back to the outdoors we so love.

Invest in the next generation.

We are always moving forward to make things better for people, the planet and our processes. Whether through innovation in manufacturing or the future of young female explorers, we believe in investing in the next generation.

Demand equal opportunity. 

We support, feature and work with diverse voices. The outdoors should be for everyone. 

Practice mindful design. 

We make outdoor recreation apparel to meet your needs. We do this by crowdsourcing ideas and insights as part of our product design process (try one of our product surveys!), collecting customer feedback and planning for the entire lifecycle of everything we create.

 *Illustrations by artist & illustrator Leia Bryans.